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Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)

 About Austin, Texas

This vibrant and dynamic city tops numerous lists for business, entertainment, and quality of life. One of the country’s most popular, high-profile “green” and culturally dynamic cities was selected as the “Best City for the Next Decade (Kiplinger), the “Top Creative Center” in the US ( and #1 on the “On Numbers Economic Index” as the fastest growing economy. Austin continues to lead the country with its vision of being the “Most livable City in the country,” emerging as a player on the international scene with such events as SXSW, Austin City Limits, Formula 1® and being home to companies such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, and Seton Healthcare. From the home of state government and the University of Texas, to the “Live Music Capital of the World” and its growth as a film center, Austin has gained worldwide attention as a hub for education, business, health, and sustainability. Since 1900, Austin’s population has doubled every 20 years. 

The Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)

In October 2020, the Austin City Council voted to create . Council approved and adopted the corporation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. The twenty voting members of the first full Board were nominated by various community institutions or organizations that support the holistic and inclusive nature of the organization, then approved by Mayor and Council in March of 2021.  

The City of Austin created the AEDC as a tool to help local government meet multipronged challenges—from affordability, homelessness, and equity, to sustaining and growing the small businesses, arts and culture—that have made Austin a thriving place. Able to operate nimbly, without duplicating the work of the existing Chamber of Commerce/Opportunity Austin and City of Austin Economic Development Department, the AEDC can bring new financing vehicles and agility to a host of community development projects. This expert panel will examine ways Austin could harness the new nonprofit local government corporation, while bringing national perspective on the catalytic role EDCs have played in other cities, including New York and Atlanta. 

The AEDC will be responsible for Lease Administration, Transaction Support, and Public Development for the City of Austin, and will grow quickly as the city expands its efforts to develop publicly owned land and buildings. 

Major Project Areas include:

  • South Central Waterfront
  • Cultural Trust
  • International Investment Fund 

Ongoing City-Wide Projects:

  • Transaction support on P3 negotiations
  • Public Owned Sites Pipeline

    *Support of Affordable Housing Support of childcare & early childhood education
    *Support of inclusive growth around TODs
    *Asset Management on public owned sites

  • Support of Homelessness and Early Childhood Development/Education
  • District (and emerging PID) support 

The Position

The President/CEO will plan, direct, and implement policies and practices to meet the strategic objectives established by the Board of Directors. The President/CEO will provide strategic direction, vision, and management for the programs and staff of the AEDC and its affiliates, and have full responsibility for financial performance, fiscal stability, and compliance. The President/CEO will manage current programs while developing new initiatives and partnerships with other private and public organizations to achieve regional goals and objectives. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing the AEDC’s role in advocating public policy that creates and cultivates a strong regional climate.
  • Responsible for ensuring the organization leads and collaborates with key partners in the region from public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance the mission and vision of the AEDC.
  • Responsible for proactively securing revenue generating projects within a portfolio of work for the organization to be self-sustaining within two years, while also leveraging 501(c)(3) status for philanthropic contributions for ongoing programming and/or cross subsidization of projects that generate less revenue but provide economic and community benefits.
  • Prepare technical reports and present private and public resource analysis needed to bring about quality development that is in accord with various community plans and policy guiding documents.
  • Engage with stakeholders and real estate community to build successful partnerships and bring quality developments
  • Serve as the coordinating liaison to other divisions, departments and outside agencies.
  • Assist and coordinate program budget preparation and facilitate expenditures as needed.
  • Strong understanding of the political landscape for change and collaboration with civic leaders and partner organizations
  • Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness and practices throughout the organization.
  • Serves as a liaison with the region’s local, state, and federal agencies, coordinating projects with agencies as deemed necessary and appropriate. 
  • Provides information and/or makes presentations to supervisors, boards, commissions, civic groups, businesses, individuals, and the general public on economic development issues, programs, services, and plans.
  • Becomes familiar with the existing inventory of available buildings and business and residential development sites within the community. This will include both public and private buildings and land areas.
  • Identify, define and cultivate financial and non-financial partnerships with various public and/or private sector development entities to help secure new investment to the City.
  • Manage and target existing real estate assets, incentives and programs to encourage private residential, commercial and business investment to advance the AEDC’s priorities.
  • Support for urban development districts, cultural districts, public improvement districts, and other special districts 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of holistic and inclusive economic development, with an emphasis on real estate development and finance principles, programs and applications
  • Possess start-up and/or entrepreneurial experience that can be applied to establishing systems and support of the new organization
  • Knowledge of Local, State and Federal laws, ordinances and practices in regards to development and urban development standards programs
  • Understanding of critical race theory, awareness of institutionalized racism and implicit bias with demonstrated experience using principles for racial equity
  • Knowledge of planning, coordinating and managing community projects
  • Knowledge of project management practices and techniques
  • Ability to analyze data for market and financial context while possessing data driven approach to setting goals, measurements and reporting performance metrics
  • Skilled in dispute intervention and resolution
  • Demonstrated skills in organizational leadership, board development and management, resource alignment, talent development, team building, and performance management
  • Ability to speak knowledgeably to press, investors, board and community on public policy and community issues.
  • Ability to perform effective public outreach, marketing and investor recruitment which secures public and private sector resources. 

Education and Experience 

Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Business Administration, Public Administration, Urban Planning, or a closely related field.  A minimum of ten (10) years professional experience working for an Economic Development Corporation, real estate development, finance or economic/community development, and a minimum of three years of executive experience is required in addition to a minimum of three (3) years comprehensive project management experience with a minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience in managing and directing a complex organization.  A Master’s degree is preferred but professional license/certifications, training and continued professional development will be strongly considered. 

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate exists at the nexus of economic and community development, with the professional experience and emotional intelligence needed to promptly assess and respond with the appropriate skills or demeanor from either of the practices. The ideal candidate also possesses the ability to quickly evaluate prospective opportunities, with an ability to find and build consensus through the translation of common objectives and mutually beneficial outcomes. 

The ideal candidate will have experience in land development and real estate with capabilities deploying capital, developing and managing joint venture partnerships, and providing vision and excitement for the projects available for development through the AEDC. The ideal candidate should have experience with economic development and downtown redevelopment or other catalytic projects that secure placemaking and should be well versed in managing the development and challenges that may occur in all  areas related to development. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, public policy, program management, finance and accounting, public speaking. 

The ideal candidate will be able to develop and maintain close working relationships with board members, investors, regional economic development associations, local and state organizations, other affiliated groups and within the community to ensure a common vision is enacted and supported. The ideal candidate will exhibit the ability to quickly establish trust and authenticity for accountability.  

The ideal candidate will be a skilled professional with a heightened sense of emotional intelligence and an awareness of organizational and employee issues, with the ability to create a positive atmosphere for employees and set a superior example of competence, professionalism, energy, collaboration, innovation and work ethic to the organization and community. Similarly, the ideal candidate will be expected to apply professional and emotional intelligence representing the organization in a variety of discussions with diverse community members.  

Effective communication along with strong collaboration and team building skills will be necessary for this individual to be successful; advanced written and oral communication skills are imperative.


The Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience and extensive benefits, including a generous pension system. Relocation assistance will be available for a successful out of area candidate. 

How to Apply

Interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume for consideration September 27, 2021 t0:
Reference: AEDCCEO

Affion Public
PO Box 794
Hershey, PA 17033


The Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) was created to advance partnerships within the community that secure equitable and inclusive development for all Austinites. Therefore, it is critical to the mission and essential to day-to-day operations for representatives of the organization to lend their own unique, lived-experiences while embracing, celebrating, and encouraging the lived-experiences of others in the shared pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion. Leadership of AEDC seeks to go beyond being an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer by creating a team and workplace as open and inspiring as the outcomes the organization seeks to achieve for an inclusive Austin of the future.

Posted: 09/27/2021